who cadence are

Cadence have over 10 years developed relationships with experts who know and care about their stuff. Cadence likes working with the kind of people who are always looking to evolve their understanding and crucially see how their work can best fit with the current and emerging policy context that our clients are working in.

2014 sees us doing as we say by firmly putting place into policy with our building hosting established businesses and events in a great location near to the centre of Sheffield.

A great deal of our work is about seeing the links between different policy areas and we have a track record of using this thinking to help our clients develop more innovative and effective policies and practice. Our new building will strengthen this practical approach to our work.

The core Cadence team is made up of Sophy Hallam and Karl Hallam who work with a network of associates who bring expertise and enthusiasm from a wide range of policy, practice and geographical areas.