Why Recovery Now?

4 Jan 2010 by Sophy Hallam

Over the past year, The Whitehall Innovation Hub has been collaborating with some of the Mental Health Trusts involved with the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health's Recovery Network. The results of this collaboration are set out in a report called "Why Recovery Now?".

The report suggests that policy makers across Whitehall can draw inspiration from the examples offered by Mental Health Trusts as they develop approaches which value the lived experience of those who use (and provide) their services. The insights they gain from this feedback increasingly influences the decisions they make about how the Trusts run, and helps them to shape their service delivery so it can go further in promoting the recovery of the people they work with.

A period of mental ill health can have devastating and far reaching effects on someone's life. Recreating a  meaningful life may involve rebuilding links with employment, family, friends and home ... as well as learning to manage the illness itself.

Mental health trusts seeking to adopt a recovery focused approach are reshaping their understanding of what they do so that they can work with someone not just by treating their symptoms, but also in helping them build a life with meaning that helps to keep them well in the future.

We have spoken to a number of people in the course of this collaboration and would like to acknowledge their valuable support.

The report is now being made available to download through this link in its draft format in order to allow us to share our thinking to date with those and who have helped to shape it and invite your comments.

We welcome your feedback: please send them to us via the comment box below or by emailing recoverynow@cadenceworks.co.uk

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This is an amazing video. I have many niehgbours in Northeast London who are WOTCH clients. They have shared this with me. I have tried to educate myself about WOTCH but I have to say that this video did more than my prior efforts on the web site. I would also like to say that I am aware of the work that the late Dr. Harold Mountain did with others to get WOTCH started. My condolensces go out to Dr. Mountain's family and friends. He was an amazing man who has left an amazing legacy in WOTCH.

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