Why you should, how you can use social media

Cafe event in September: Social Media for Charities, 20 September 2012 (see below for write up of event) DOWNLOAD HANDOUT

The September Cafe , 4-6pm at the Harland Cafe, it is going to be looking at using social media effectively and what a difference it can make. Our speaker this month is Laura Lashmar, Third Sector Cafe co-founder and owner of social media consultancy Spiky Communications

Laura has worked with charities and businesses to help them to use social media to raise their profile and generate greater interest. She says: "charities can capitalise on low cost ways to use social media to create new opportunities, to increase local and national profile - and sometimes to generate new funds!" Some of the Social Media  we'll be covering during the discussion are:

Blogging - do you use it and how it can help? 
Twitter  - what makes a tweet work?
Facebook - despite its critics, a massively popular force to be reckoned with
Linked-In - don't ignore this powerful tool for linking with businesses and professionals 

We've also got a practical example of how a charity successfully tapped into the benefits of blogging from an award winning blogger who's been working with Action aid.

So if you've got questions on this topic, do join us: we hope there will be someone we can connect you with who can help. Or nominate a charity or social enterprise that you feel has used Social Media particularly effectively.