Selling directly to heads with devolved budgets

Cafe event in November: Selling to the Education Sector 

The November Third Sector Cafe (15th of November, 4-6pm at the Harland Cafe) is going to be looking at selling to the Education sector. Applications for this event are now open – apply here

The education landscape is dramatically changing. The local authority role has been redrawn and individual schools are now faced with the task of managing services that the LEA used to provide for them - and taking control of the budget and purchasing process. This has caused some disruption and -  in some places - normal service looks unlikely to be resumed any time soon, if at all.

For not for profit organisations that have traditionally focused on working with schools, this disruption is a very serious threat to their income and future viability.  

In this month's Third Sector Cafe session we'll be looking at the experience from both sides of the fence and we'll consider how this new relationship can work out in practice. How can schools and not for profit organisations work together to ensure the best outcomes for children - while making sure the books balance at the same time? 

To inform our discussion we're delighted to welcome Cathy Rowland, a Head Teacher from Dobcroft Infant School, an 'Outstanding' Sheffield school. She'll be talking about purchasing decisions from a school's perspective and giving us a real insight into what she is looking for from the organisations they do end up partnering with. 

Rachel Kelly, CEO of Reading Matters, will also be joining us to talk about the experience from the perspecive of a charity that has been providing services to schools for many years. The recent changes have meant that Reading Matters, a national organisation with a strong track record of a successful working model within schools, has had to re-think and re-brand their core offer to schools to survive now the days of core LEA funding are over.

Rachel will talk us through some of the insight they have gained into what it takes to market themselves successfully to schools.

This open conversation will bring real insight, knowledge and practical experience for participants. We are particularly keen to hear from organisations who are looking to develop their work with schools, or who are looking at how they can begin to work with schools.