Not all projects run smoothly May 2012

Cafe event in May: Not all projects run smoothly! 17 May, 2012 (see below for cafe write up) 

At our second Third Sector Cafe we'll be looking at the tricky question of projects which don't always run smoothly. I am sure this doesn't apply to you! But in case you are interested in hearing about problems others face, please come along and join a few of us who will be sharing our experiences of projects that have had the odd hiccup. Those of us who've managed to learn a few things along the way will bravely share some stories of what happened ... and what we now do to try and avoid the same thing happening again!

This topic has been requested by a people from not for profits in Sheffield who submitted questions and feedback to our first Third Sector Cafe. Joining us will be, among others, Graham and Jo from St Mary's and Tim from The Cathedral Archer Project says he can offer some examples of 'hiccups' ... but is altogether less sure that he can shed any light on how to avoid the pitfalls that running projects inevitably involves. 

Could you be a case study? Would you like to bring a problem related to managing projects to share with the Cafe? If you'd like the chance to get a room of people brainstorming your problem, let us know.