How to make a difference as a leader

Our 2013 programme of cafe discussions started with a session on 'Leadership in Hard Times' on Thursday 17th January, 9.30 for 10 am start until 12 noon 

NB This session has now happened - download a write up of key points here.

After our Christmas and New Year's break, the Third Sector Cafe is happy to be back!

We have a host of cafe discussions planned for our 2013 programme, starting with a session on 'Steady and adapatable thinking when things get tough' on Thursday 17 January - please note ** we'll be running this at a new time of 10 am til 12 noon**. Click here to book for your place: please arrive at 9.30 am to allow time to pick up what you want at the cafe and allow us to start on time at 10 am.

2013 looks like being a challenging year. In the face of these challenges, our cafe discussions aim to create some much needed time and space to reflect on the issues you face and build links with others facing similar challenges.  Much of the value of Third Sector Cafe sessions comes from the other people who come along to the cafes: learning about their experiences can be a helpful shortcut to learning about something that could work in your organisation. And the information flow is often two way: something you've learnt could help someone else. 

This year kicks off in the shadow of spending cuts which, our local authority leaders claim, will hit northern cities like Sheffield hardest. Many of you work with vulnerable people in the city, and may be expecting the numbers of people needing your help to increase while funding gets ever harder to come by. In this context we are starting the year with a session on leadership in hard times.

The session will be led by Dr Jeanne Hardacre, whom some of you may have met at previous cafes. Jeanne is an independent consultant, coach and researcher who is based in Sheffield but works with leadership teams all over the UK. For this Third Sector Cafe, Jeanne says her focus is on offering a practical and interactive session which will look at ideas to help you sustain Steady and Adaptable Thinking When Things Get ToughShe'll be looking at: 

  • enhancing personal resilience,
  • recognising thought patterns and
  • making conscious choices to stay steady and adaptable during changing times.

It is always true that it is the people in our organisations that make the biggest difference for our beneficiaries. We hope this session will give you some useful tools to help you provide the sort of stable leadership which will help your teams the most, as they deal with the challenges ahead in 2013.  

17th January at the NEW TIME of 10 -12 (please arrive from 9:30am onwards).