Saving money with innovative IT and commercial partnerships

Cafe event in March: Making savings on your bottom line, Thursday 21st March, DOWNLOAD HANDOUT

This Cafe builds on our conversations about fundraising last month. One of the issues that kept coming up was the difficulty of fundraising to cover core costs. This month we thought we’d take a closer look at ideas to reduce these costs.

To tackle this thorny topic we’re delighted to welcome Kate Senter back as a speaker. Kate’s day job is with Irwin Mitchell, but she is also active in the not for profit sector as, among other things, a trustee of the Cavendish Cancer Trust.

With a foot in both camps, Kate is well placed to understand the perspectives of both the corporate and not for profit sectors. She is passionate about the benefits of forging relationships that can work for both parties. She says: “it’s not always about the private sector providing cash, they can also help by sharing expertise or by collaborating on projects".

As we heard last month with the Henderson’s special edition sauce for St Luke’s Pie and Peas campaign, there are some great local examples of partnership to draw on. Kate will draw on her expertise to share some tips on how to build useful relationships with local businesses with us.

The other popular way to reduce core costs is through smart use of online software solutions. If you’ve already heard of options like Skype, Accounts Portal, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Freelancer and Doodle...  you may already be using them to make savings

If not, then you might be interested in hearing how two local businesses are using software to help them keep costs down. Local architects, Norton Mayfield, use Skype to keep in touch with their London-based clients with minimal travel costs and local accountants Edge Accountancy use 'cloud' accountancy packages to keep their clients' accounting costs low. Both companies will be with us to demonstrate how this works in practice.