Summer 2015- 1st, 2nd or 3rd Sector?

6 Jul 2015 by Karl Hallam

There is a sense of shock here in Yorkshire that the Tour de France could start anywhere else but, here now. Where did that year go? 

Here at Cadence a lot of the year has gone on in our roles developing Harland Works and Third Sector Cafe. It is great to work in the public, private and third sectors, would it help if more of us did just that?

While the 1st and 2nd sectors (which is which?) all too easy fall into lazy stereotyping of the other (private - greedy, public inefficient) the 3rd Sector can find it difficult to know where to look for the innovations it needs to survive and develop in the 2015 UK.

Our tender writing/support/training work draws on learning from the best practice whoever does it. All sectors can fail to answer questions asked and crucially struggle to tell a convincing story about what they do, how they do it and why they are good at it.

So, if you want tender support, an office or to attend a Third Sector Cafe, get in touch. We'll be interested!



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