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10 Nov 2014 by Karl Hallam

Harland Works on John Street, Sheffield is where we are based. It has office space, events and a cafe. We love being here because it is more than office space, in terms of the activities that happen here and most importantly the people here. In Sheffield there is no shortage of office space, some of it cheaper/more central/posher than Harland Works, but not all of it having the sense of life there is here. You could probably say the same about houses and neighbourhoods too. House price is no indicator of neigbbourliness.

Anyway, Harland Works works and below are some of the features of it that make that the case.

As you look at Harland Works from across the road you see the Harland Cafe, which is open 7 days a week and as welll as serving food and drinks runs a lively programme of events. Above the Cafe there is a Turkish community room and above that there will be a yoga studio in early 2015.

Across the courtyard from the Cafe is a recently vacted shop unit, which is available to rent now, which was occupied by Imperial Signs, who have moved on to much bigger premises near Devonshire Green. Above the shop is 2 Fly Studios, which is a much respected and popular studio, that hosts both up and coming artists, as well as Sheffield legends like Reverand and the Makers.

Entering the courtyard on the left there is Tim Fish design, who sadly, but pleasingly is also moving on to bigger premises. Above them are Ares Landscape Architects who work globally, as well as being very friendly.

On the righthand side of the courtyard there are Dan and Rick who are Cycles in Motion, who have a workshop as well as being mobile bike meachnics and bike builders. They get alot of trade from the numerous cycle communters, including us, who work at the building. Next door to these guys is a meeting/fucntion room whihc can be hired or used as hot desk space through Spaceworks. It is where the wonderful Lego Club is based. Spaceworks also have desk space on the 1st and 2nd floor too.

Above them are Norton Mayfield Architects who have grown and grown in the last 5 years or so. They have created a very stylish office on the first floor, as well as creating a LASER cutting room too.

Above the architects are online craft supremos Folksy, who also, you won't be surprised to hear, have a rather funky office too. Down the corridor from there is a guitar tutor and an artist collective too and the soon to be yoga studio.


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