1 Jan 1970 by Karl Hallam

If you say 2012 to many people their first thought will be of the Olympics. When we won them 7 years ago I think we all imagined that there would be a palpable sense of excitement as we approached the end of 2011, but that was in the days when we were being told the days of boom and bust were gone.

The Games will face a struggle to justify themselves during a year when unemployment looks set to rise and the public sector cuts continue to bite. This is particulalry the case when the legacy of increased participation has not and will not happen. An Olympic boom in grassroots particpation would be big society at its best, but it does increasingly look like BS is being dropped.

As a private sector business, that works with third and public sectors alot, these are tricky times. The new policy environment is one we can help organisations find their way through, but that requires them to think investing it such help is justified when they are losing staff. We need to be able to demonstrate impact too!

2012 can still be a  golden year and we will start laying out diversification plans over the coming weeks ...




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