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28 Sep 2011 by Karl Hallam


We are often asked 'what is it that you do'? An answer along the lines of public policy research and strategy projects can cause a number of reactions. Sometimes it results in a glazed look and no further questions or more often than not the question 'what is you do'? is repeated ... and that's from our families! 

The best  way of answering is often to talk about real projects we are involved in and usually one of the areas we mention will interest our inquisitor. Dealing with cuts, commissioning, museums, homelessness or addiction.

Our work on museums is always a good one to talk about as it incoporates so many of the issues that organisations are grappling with in the UK at the moment. Whether it is understanding their position in the current public policy context or getting to grips with a commissioning world or communicating their impact ... it is all there.

What we are finding is that the work we do with organisations at the moment feels more needed than it ever has. Those organisations (public, private or 3rd sector) that are burying their heads in the sand and not thinking hard about what they do, how they do and perhaps most important of all why they do it are not necessarily going to be around for much longer. For a minority that might not be a tragedy, but for the majority the impact on everyone involved in them might take years to get over.

So what we do is quite interesting, but why we do it is the important thing. Helping people understand, reflect, connect, share and thrive during such a difficult period feels like a job well worth doing.
If you want to chat to us about what we can offer you email info@cadenceworks.co.uk


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