The alternative vote - council elections

3 May 2011 by Karl Hallam

The media attention in the run up to election day is clearly on the voting system is referendum. Their attention might turn to the council elections when the results came in on Friday. All across the country a new set of councillors will be faced with trying to deliver some 'challenging' budgets. Nobody want to lose control of a town hall, but if there was an election to lose this would be one of them.

Across the country Labour authorities have tended to be more upfront to date on redundancies and closures of services, as they have felt happier to blame the coalition. In Sheffield, where it is a Lib Dem cocunil (albeit without a majority) and they have claimed minimal closures and all voluntary redundancies. Their budget has savings in it that allow them to do it, but if Labour gain control this week will they see the necessary 'efficincies' as realisitc or not? Could they end up being forced to implement the cuts that the coalition's localism agenda devolves to them?

We have a particular interest in how the relationship with the third sector and council will be changed by the results. Will the councils further reduce grants and move more towards more contracting with charities and the voluntary sector and if they do, which are organisations are really ready for it?

We are working on our support package for third sector organisations who want to be ready. Contact to find out more.








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Age UK has long argued that the naotin needs sustained joined-up leadership to help prepare for our ageing society. Which naotin is AGE UK talking about? Things are very different across the UK . English old people have to pay for care, English old people face having to sell their homes to pay for care. The NHS reforms apply to England only, it's a devolved issue.Isn't the truth that AGE's structure (AGE Scotland, AGE Cymru, AGE Northern Ireland , AGE UK but no AGE England) stops AGE addressing the issues that affect only English old people? The UK government discriminates against the elderly of England unfortunately so does AGE UK. How can you be part of the solution when you're part of the problem? Tthe elderly of England deserve to be recognised.

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