Snow, Easter, Coalition, Wedding - spot odd one out!

21 Apr 2011 by Karl Hallam

When economic growth was sluggish in the last quarter the government said it was due to the snow. Will they blame Easter and the Royal Wedding if the figures are bad again next time?

It is still not clear why the Wedding is on a Friday. Maybe its part of the age of austerity as maybe it is cheaper to organise away from a Saturday, but it was certainly not someone triyng to juggle childcare and running a business. Maybe atheist and republican Nick Clegg (oh, well in a previous life then) will blame God and Monarchy for the low growth, depending how the AV vote goes.

In Sheffield the kids have already been off 2 weeks and we have still got a week and a half before they are back. Lets hope the sales for Cadbury and whoever sells commemorative mugs offset any impact. 





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Answer:By?avian Don't worry too much Jarvis's doctorate was an 'honorary' award. Universities give out such deerges to raise their profile, or to recognise some outstanding contribution in a given field especially by former students. I believe Jeremy Clarkson has an honorary doctorate in engineering, but going by his performance in some Top Gear tasks, I think it would be reasonable to assume he has no great engineering knowledge! Regarding a degree's place in the recruitment process; well, I would hope that holding a degree in medicine would play a significant part in recruiting doctors, and that the person who designed the wing main spar of any jet on which I fly was recruited because s/he had degree level knowledge of stress analysis! However, I do take your point that some courses offered today are a little odd.

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