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13 Sep 2011 by Karl Hallam

It is fair to say that some of our public policy friends have not really twigged why and how museums can offer so much. Is anyone to blame for that?

Well, blame is probably not a very helpful thing to think about, but (he's going to blame someone isn't he ...) it is often the focus on the core components of a museum that makes them what they are. Diluting can be a problem and if staff, trustees etc neglect their artefacts then their will be trouble. But, these testing times (yep, it is the bankers who are to blame) mean that we all need to be willing to think beyond traditional boundaries.

The electral commission tried to increase voting rates a few years ago with their 'Don't do politics' cartoons (see here). We quite liked those,as we sat in many pubs trying to shed light on what Cadence Works do. Museums potentially have a role to play in a whole host of public policy areas and we are enjoying seeing the museums we work with get excited as they realise what they could do. Lets share the secret.





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