Grumpiness - the easy option

18 Feb 2011 by Karl Hallam

These  are difficult times. The cuts are stressful for many organisations and individuals. It would be easy to end up being grumpy about it all. We all shout at the radio sometimes (OK it is just us then). That does not really work when you are a charity working out how to not just survive, but thrive.

Today we met with a third sector organisation that is not grumpy, not passive and not waiting for a magic 3rd sector fairy grandmother or even Eric Pickles to sort everything out for them.

They are making sure they can show what they do works and that it can improve the lives of individuals and make the communities better places to live.

We hope to get to work with them soon, but until then we are just going to enjoy the warm glow it gave us and hope it carries on through our half term break.





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Reply #1 on : Thu September 08, 2011, 03:53:12
Glad I've finally found soemhting I agree with!

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