Green Budget? For the kids?

24 Mar 2011 by Karl Hallam

Was the Budget yesterday green? Well, not obviously when the rabbit out of the hat (see Steve Bell today) was a reduction in the tax on vehicle fuel. The delight on the Coalition front bench when this was announced did not sit easily with anyone who hoped the Lib Dems would bring some green sense to the government.

It is not really fair to judge their seriousness about sustainability on a 1p change, but the populist caving in on the fuel escalaltor is a pretty big signal. Talk of not wasting a crisis all seems a bit 2009 now and it seemed to be a Budget aimed at trying to inch us back to the status quo - that's ignoring the new lasissez faire plannning moves and relaxation of building regulations with respect to emissions.

Our work on our Hoodie, goodie, buddy project suggests that more walking in communities is not just good for the environment,  but also levels of trust in the residents in an area. At the current Velocity 2011 cycling conference in Seville they have been hearing how crime is lower where children play more on the street. If governments are not going to restrain car use for the sake of the climate, then do these other social benefits need to come to the fore? Or is that being a bit green?





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petrol prices
Reply #2 on : Sat March 26, 2011, 08:26:40
Thanks for this Oliver's Dad. There is clearly still a long way to go on all this and the 'growth' budget was obvioulsy not a 'green growth' one!
Oliver's dad
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Reply #1 on : Fri March 25, 2011, 23:36:33
It was with great sadness that my 11 year old returned (car driven) home from school championing the reductioning in petrol prices at the recent budget.
Definately teacher propaganda

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