Dorling's census sense

29 Mar 2011 by Karl Hallam

Perhaps having the census as a bed time story was a bit unfair on the kids. We wanted them to understand why it mattered and also wanted to make sure it was their view of their nationality and religious belief that we captured. Cadence Associate Professor Danny Dorling has made a good case for the census this week in the Independent and of course in his TV programme with Andy Marr.

Danny makes the point that it would be a mistake to cut the next census in 2021 and rely on Clubcard and Nectar data:

'If there is no census in 2021, then the state will rely on the kind of firm that shops use to check your credit rating when you are offered a store card. These outfits collate the electoral roll with county court judgment records and many of the other bits of trivia about you that are released when you tick the box to say "share my records". Credit reference agencies are very good at maintaining a list of people who look like safer bets to furnish with loans. They are near to useless at recording the whereabouts of children, at differentiating between groups of the public with differing needs, but not differing needs for credit. They are interested in profit, not planning.'

Funnily enough one of the 8 year olds claimed he was Jedi ...






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