Cutting off nose and getting support

27 Jun 2011 by Karl Hallam

If a charity closes because it loses its funding it is a bit different to a private sector supplier who loses a contract. Many third sector organisations are very dependant on a few small sources of funding and cannot survive their loss. If they have to close they are likely to be gone forever, whereas a private organisation will suffer, but probably has more of a mix of income streams to see them through tough times.

It can be very sad for people to see their organisaton disappear and the process of scaling down/closing can be very stressful workers at all levels. Here at Cadence Works we have been putting together practical experience of the needs of Chief Executives coping with the impact of cuts. Meeting up with others facing similar issues and hearing how they are adapting/coping/innovating can be both inspiring and theraputic. 

One issue many CEOs have highlighted to us is the frustration that public sector bodie do not seem to understand that when an organisation disappears then it means the whole local supply chain is affected and that that has implications of its own. All of a sudden there might not be much diversity in the choice of supplier of services.

Over the coming months we will keep developing the expertise in this area and anyone interested in what they'd like to see us offer in terms of support to TSOs in the commissioning world (orgs entering it and those trying to stay in it!) should contact





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