Consultation - Mayor and cuts

6 Dec 2011 by Karl Hallam

The local press in Sheffield are getting excited about the City Council spending £21K on a consultation exercise on the cuts (ideas for). The May 3rd 2012 referendum on whether to have a Mayor or not is provoking some debate too. It's a touchy subject in South Yorkshire due to Doncaster's experiences with their elected (night?) Mayors.

At least the Mayor issue has provided something for the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour to agree on - they are all against. We should admit an interest here having argued for them in the past and still do think the idea has merit. Extra local spending control comes with the Mayoral model and that seems something desirable to us, if localism is ever to mean anything. We look forward to the deabte ...

The point is is that here we have two examples of consultation - one will not give what the government want (no to Mayors), but is at least a genuine exercise. The consutation on cuts though? Well, we won't hold out breath.



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