CBI moaning about reform back down

17 Jun 2011 by Karl Hallam

The CBI are apparently not happy that David Cameron is not reforming public services in the way they hoped. They are suggesting that:

"Just this week, we have seen the forces of inertia in the NHS unions triumph on health reform. This is a missed opportunity for the government, and with profound consequences.

"Patient services will only be improved if the NHS is opened up to far greater competition and dependence on hospital care is reduced. Without reform, the £20bn savings needed to help balance the NHS books will surely hit services."

So, the criticisms, supported by rightwing think tanks, are that it means savings won't be achieved and services improved. They cite education as an area, where there is disappointment that for-profit schools have been ruled out.

Is this the coalition discovering why Tony Blair struggled to get the reforms he wanted or is it the Lib Dem influence? From our position there does seem to be a  bit of a policy vaccum in many of the areas we have worked and this is as much of an issue as the cuts. Eric Pickles' department needs to get a lot clearer, but the weekly bin collection climb down this week suggests they are not at all clear what really matters to them ...






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