5 Sep 2011 by Karl Hallam

Once again the government is getting in a muddle in trying to square its different priorities. New planning regulations to encourage enterprise and recovery, versus localism and the big society. There is nothing more likely to bring together a community than an objection to a planning application and particularly if it is on a green field site. The Bill Bryson/National Trust combo is going to be a tough one to overcome, expect some Autumnal fudge on this one, after some fireworks and some halloween-style scares for Pickles et al (phew go those Autumn cliches out of the system early this year).

The riots now seems a while ago, but the youth sector is still trying to work out if they are going to spark some re-thinking of the cutting of youth services as a popular choice for many councils. The third sector is classically though to be up to stepping up to fill the gap, but our current work looking at VCF orgs at the moment suggests that redundanceis are thier main worry at the moment as the move from grants ot commissioning rolls on.

We are looking forward to carrying on with some exciting work as 2011 rushes on and will keep up to date here each week as usual after the summer lull.






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Strength & conditioning this mirnong. Murph WOD from the mainsite. 36:23 minutes. Did assisted Pull-Ups at 60lbs. Hardest WOD of any kind I've eer done. CFE Strength & conditioning after some recovery. 55lb. KB Swings- 46 reps, Ring Dips- 43 reps, Lunge Jumps- 48 reps, Tuck Jumps- 53 reps. Interval swim this afternoon. #1-167m,#2-173m,#3-175m. Tough ones today. Everyone be safe if you do anything tonight. Happy New Year!!

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