All in it together?

10 Oct 2011 by Karl Hallam

I do not think the 'all in it together' phrase was used much at the Conservative conference last week. The response that lots of our clients have is 'yes, and some of us more than others'. We work with many organisatons who are trying to have a positive social impact and are trying to sustain, or even increase, their impact in difficult times.

It may be a charity who is now bidding for work it previously received a grant to do or who is now having some of their payment based on results. These are tough changes to deal with and they put extraordinary challenges on leaders. Leadership was a big theme in the Prime Minister's speech last week and while exactly what that might mean, beyond being optimistic, was not entirely clear. To be fair to the PM inspiration was pretty short on the ground in all the major conferences, but we do think that leadership will be key if third sector organisations in particular are to survive.

We will be doing more work in this area in the coming months, including some events. Sign up to our twitter @cadenceworks to ensure you here about them.

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Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand airtlce on this topic.

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