3 strikes and you are?

29 Nov 2011 by Karl Hallam

The plan tomorrow, as the schools are closed strike 1), was to take the children swimming, but the pool is closed (strike 2) too, perhaps a museum (strike 3) ... maybe not. Casting a somewhat envious eye over the whole concept of any pension at all, never mind a final salary and contemplating some cabin fever tomorrow, made us have a discussion about what this strike is really about. As with many disputes, the facts are not clear due to the liberal use of smoke and mirrors on both sides.   We decided that neither the government or unions are very convincing as they are too busy arguing against each other, rather than place pension reform in a wider context.

For example, where is the debate about the fairness in a hosptial porter getting a much smaller pension than a chief executive. Is that really fair? Could we be taking this opportunity to to be looking at making savings on higher salary pensions and increases in lower earner pots?

The unions' desire to give the government a bloody nose overrides any sense of a bigger picture justification for valuing public service workers. They make it all to easy for their natural enemies in the media to portray them as dinosaurs, whereas the government seem to have no qualms about saying how much they love the NHS, but not enough to reward people who serve it.

We (Cadence) accept the need for some reform, but perhaps more informed reform.




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