Young people - what and how do you think?

11 May 2010 by Karl Hallam

Who knows what the coaliton negotiations are covering policy-wise. Are they comparing and contrasting manifestos? Or are they addressing the key policy concerns of the public? Are they focusing on the areas that came up in the TV debates?

After this strange period normal politics will resume and MPs, new and old, will have to get back to surgeries and hearing about everyday problem in neighbourhoods. One of those issues will be concerns about young people hanging around and causing trouble. While actual anti-social behaviour is one problems, perceived anti-social behaviour is another.

To us this is a question of trust and is not something restricted to expectations around the behaviour of young people in public places. When we see someone else in a public space we are using or passing through what determines whether we think they are a threat or not?

We are researching this question, along the Abbeydale Road corridor in Sheffield, with Joseph Rowntree Foundation funding using a range of methods. Some mapping with Danny Dorling at Sheffield University; A household survey with Birgitta Gatersleben of Surrey University; Emotion mapping with Chritistian Nold; Work with schools and shopkeepers .

In addition to these elements we have created a video of some young people that can be watched online and then followed with some survey questions. Here it is - link through or copy and paste into the address bar.

There are 4 versions of the clip and when you visit the site you only see one, randomly selected. Our analysis will look at whether the 4 different views illicit different responses in observers and so we don't want to say too much about the different views yet.

We want to get as many people as possible to watch the video and do the survey and then pass it on. The results of the analysis will be published in the Autumn, with the other parts of the research.


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Wow! You have done some great working dinurg a short period of time. Well done all of you! Have a great time tonight and safe journey back home!/Louise

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