Total place, consultation and 3rd sector projects

17 Mar 2010 by Karl Hallam

Cadence have recently started 3 new pieces of work which refllect how our approach works across a number of different areas. One bit is looking at the implications of the Total Place initiative. We have been following TP since our work on innovation for the National School of Government and Whitehall Innovaton Hub and through the ippr North work on public service reform. The early findings suggest it would have been useful for the 3rd sector strategy work we have done too. Interestingly the second  piece of work is a scoping project looking at the 3rd sector where there has been a TP pilot.

The third piece is some consultation on out of school activities, which draws on our play and youth experience as well as our building portfolio of consultation projects. Meanwhile, Hoodie, goodie, buddy is getting exciting and the video survey will go live soon, hopefully in a high profile way. The household survey returns are flooding in and the schools in our study area are keen to be involved.

More on all these in the next few weeks.



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