The end of the summer

3 Sep 2010 by Karl Hallam

The schools are going back and the political resignations have begun. Summer must nearly be over. England did not win the World Cup, Murray did not win Wimbledon and cricket has just not been cricket. While trying to relax over the summer friends keep asking if we are 'alright'. Almost as as if we might be ill. What they mean is how are we faring in the face of a recession, change in government and spending cuts. We answer that we are fine, what else could we say? We have current projects and are bidding for new ones and developing ideas for other bits of work. This is what you do when you are running a business. It's like a treadmill and if you stop running then it can all go wrong very quickly. The big advantage is that you have a bit more choice of which direction you run in .... even if that messes up the treadmill analogy. Much of our work is relevant to the Big Society thinking that the new goverment has been pushing and to the need for more efficient and innovative services. For example, we will soon be writing up our Hoodie, goodie, buddy project and that will feature thinking around the role of street interaction and developing stronger communities. Our museum work is also concluding and is very focused on third sector organisations being realistic about their prospects and planning accordingly. So, we're fine and while sad that the summer is ending and that Bradley Wiggins did not win the Tour de France, we are excited about the new work we'll be doing in the next few months. 


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Ho ho, who wuolda thunk it, right?

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