The Big Civil Society

28 May 2010 by Karl Hallam

The 3rd sector has been renamed the Civil Society under the new government, or at least the Office for the 3rd Sector has been renamed. Is this important? Should we be changing the title of our recent 3rd sector scoping study in Leicestershire, or work on a TMO in Oldham? The name probably does not matter and we will have to wait to see what kind of change in emphasis occurs. There are some early signs of tensions between the pre-election commitments to localism (by both the parties in the coalition) and the desire for a new administration to make sure it delivers on other promises. For example, giving more local authorities freedom, while setting the level of council tax in the centre is odd and the whole freeing up of schools stuff could result in greater direction from the centre. Simon Jenkins in the Guardian seems to have a new lease of life since the election and is writing some good pieces on these issues.

Matthew Taylor of the RSA (and previously NO.10 of course) has written 3 fantastic pieces too that take a sensible view of the Labour record in office, that is not always present in the politicians. If only he could write something about our hoodie, goodie buddy online video survey too!

How does transport and urban design fit into the Big Society ... this JRF funded project will shed light on that topic when it reports in the Autumn.



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