Recovery begins with hope published

6 Dec 2010 by Karl Hallam

Cadence Director Sophy Hallam is a co-author of a report that was published last week called Recovery from hope. The other author was ex-Director of the ex-Whitehall Innovation Hub, Su Maddock. Su had an article in Public magazine last week to coincide with a launch event that was not cancelled due to snow.

Su's article started by saying that Sarah had a psychotic episode after the birth of her first child - she says it was a care coordinator who helped her pick up the pieces. Later she had a second episode and was left angry and depressed when another care coordinator left her to her own devices because she didn't appreciate Sarah's desire for shared recovery planning and instead classified her as 'high risk' for being difficult.

It is relationships that matter in mental health services. When traumatised, we all want friends and professionals who listen, give us hope and help us through difficult times. There is no point talking about personalisation unless it is personal.'


The rest of the article can be found here ... 

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Hi Peta and everyone, I've just <a href="">lietnesd</a> to Gillian Hallam talk about this survey at Click 06 and will blog about it later today, but in the meantime, yes, we should all be completing this survey! It's going to provide very useful information for planning for the future of our profession.CW, signing off at lunch at Click 06(just had Szechuan chicken, eggplant and cauliflower curry and spicy spuds with rice.. mmmm)
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Hi Graham, I am cur
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Hi Graham, I am curious about your poll. I am a Master's sudetnt doing this study on the FB timeline. As part of the poll, were there more questions other than - What do you think about the FB timeline? A staggering 8% only seem to like the FB timeline. Was there any discussion/response on why they don't like it? Any information would be helpful! Thanks,Sheetal.

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