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28 Apr 2010 by Karl Hallam

Policies have not been the focus of the current election. Today the Insitute for Fiscal Studies have got the focus on public finances and the lack of clarity around the cuts that will be needed. Some would argue that still has things the wrong way round, thinking what to cut, rather than what the vision is and how it can be achieved with the money available.

Some of the arguments about the potential disadvantages of no party having overall political control are getting an airing. One issue might be how local government responds to uncertainty. Some will wait for the direction to come from the centre, but others will decide they cannot wait. Some will see the need for a change in how public agencies work together to achieve common aims.

Health is the obvious example where funding cuts to councils and PCTS might change the way they work together. It may have always made sense in terms of improving health outcomes, but now the fact that it might be cheaper could be more of a push. This is an important issue in Cadence's work on Total Place, the 3rd Sector and local government, let's hope it comes up in the final debate this week.

Cadence's work on Total Place, local government adn the third sector


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