Place-based innovation report launch

21 Jan 2010 by Karl Hallam

The Whitehall Innovation Hub is launching a report called ‘Place- Based Innovation' in February 2010. Cadence have helped with this work over the last couple of years. Irene Lucas, Director General for Local Government and Regeneration and the report's authors will outline the main findings from the publication detailing why place based innovation is so significant at this present time. Professor Sue Richards, Director of the Sunningdale Institute, will host the launch.

The blurb  for the event says that the 'prospect of the need for dramatic savings in government and the wider public sector in coming years has focused minds on the concept of place based innovation. The Hub has been exploring what motivates people to engage with innovation at the local level for two years, and, after discussions with people involved in local and central government, social enterprise and innovation intermediaries, it has identified the issues to be faced by the entire public system if we are to tackle intransigent problems during a period of limited funds. For instance:

· that ‘place' is significant because it forges connections between people - and therefore their capacity and willingness to collaborate and explore potential innovations;

· local and national leaders need not only to collaborate but to build a spirit of collaboration and trust to act as a foundation for much greater resilience among communities and also government itself;

· that public institutions are a barrier to innovation and need to become more open to the realities of diversity at the local level;

· Total Place has put placed based innovation on the map and has started to galvanise cross-government working;

· raising aspirations among individuals and officials is key to a more ambitious narrative for the future;

· however, aspiration when connected to place is not just about individual success but to collective commitment to improving place and the connections for others and to the removal of inequalities and a fairer society.

Cadence will be there and look forward to hear how it goes down. More on our innovation work and views here.


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