Pioneer community pathfinders (not Thick of it)

14 Jan 2010 by Karl Hallam

The Home Office announced this week 'Pioneer communities sought for new neighbourhood agreements'. They want 'communities to step forward to lead the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour. Ministers are looking for ten trailblazing areas to pioneer Neighbourhood Agreements on community safety and justice between police, councils and residents. The Pathfinders will require police, councils and other agencies to agree service standards with local residents - and enable the residents to hold them to account'.

So these places will be 'pioneers', trailblazers' and 'pathfinders' ... there is no mention of the 4th sector, but do the press offices watch the Thick of it, where they have parodied such initiatives and language. What does it all mean? What will the agreement do? What do the police think of it?

Should communities be 'leading the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour', does this mean the fight against the people who commit these crimes? Is the intention that is all reactive? Is there a 'tough on the causes of crime' element?

Cadence's JRF funded hoodie, goodie, buddy project is interested in perceptions of behaviour. Will these pioneers be leading the fight against actual or perceived criminal behaviour. Will the police be the moderators?


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