Personal geogrpahy of Sheffield - Elitism is efficient

10 Nov 2010 by Karl Hallam

Long term Cadence collaborator Professor Danny Dorling has teamed up with Sheffield College lecturer Carl Lee to do a series of films about inequality. They are great. Thought provoking and quite funny in bits too (not always intentionally).

The first one is called 'Elitism is Efficient - A Personal Geography of Injustice: Part I'. It is all based in Sheffield and combines Danny's broader analysis with Carl's knowledge of the city as a long term resident, geogrpaphy lecturer of local kids and author of a book on the city.

We use film more now and for a topic like this it makes some of the harder to accept information more difficult to ignore. We'll highlight the others of the next few weeks. 

Part 1 - Elitism is Efficient







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