Jan Wilson and Sheffield

1 Nov 2010 by Karl Hallam

The memorial service for Jan Wilson was held at Sheffield Cathedral a few days ago. It was packed with a wide range of people from the city. Jan died in August, 4 years after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She only stopped being Leader of the Labour group of councillors a few weeks before.

There was a lot of talk of Jan's integrity, honesty and amazing capacity for talking sense. Stories of her battle for equal pay as a young woman in the steel industry were mixed with snippets about her love for the book Catch 22 and free tickets to the snooker at the Crucible.

Her daughter said that she had taught her 'when to laugh at the ridiculous and when to get angry and fight' when something was wrong. Sir Bob Kerslake said what a great politician she was to work for, with no need to 'massage her ego' in the way the so many others require.

David Blunkett's and ex-Bishop Jack Nicholls' tributes were good too, capturing something of her toughness and humour.

It was noticable that there were a lot of council officers there and considering the often tricky relationships between those elected and those paid to serve them that said a lot too.

Hymns were sung, as was the Red Flag. Cadence will miss her, like many in Sheffield.


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