Jan Wilson

1 Sep 2010 by Karl Hallam

We were very sad to hear about the death of Jan Wilson in August. Karl shared an office with her for two years when he worked as an advisor to Jan at Sheffield City Council, when she was Leader. She was great to work with, very intelligent, witty, tough and incredibly hard working. During that period Ministers were regular visitors to one of the key Labour Councils and you could see they were always impressed by Jan. One of my frustrations with her was that she would not do more national work, as she had a lot to offer. She always rejected it as she thought she should concentrate on Sheffield and local people didn't want her swanning off to London with the big-wigs. In the run up to Full Council meetings we used too work together answering the submitted written questions and used to laugh a lot about how we would really like to answer some of them. We will miss her a lot. 


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