Government to seek experts' views on public service reform

29 Nov 2010 by Karl Hallam

This is the title of a press release from HM Treasury. The government is asking for ideas to be sent in before 5th January 2011. They say they are particularly interested in ' shifting power away from central government to the local level - to citizens, communities, and independent providers, so that they can play a greater role in shaping services'.

They add:The Government particularly wants views on how to drive reform further in the following ways:

* Extending innovative payment and funding mechanisms, such as personal budgets and payment-by-results commissioning in more areas
* Developing new rights for communities and public employees to buy and run services
* Setting proportions of certain services that should be provided independently
* Bringing external investment and expertise into service reform
* Increasing democratic accountability at a local level

The Government also seeks comments on how best to ensure that continuity of service is maintained in any public service that is provided by voluntary, community or business groups.

The Government particularly wants to receive specific examples on how these reforms could be successfully implemented from the following groups:

* Public services industry
* Voluntary and community organisations
* Independent providers of public services
* Managers of public services
* Think tanks and research bodies
* Service users with views to share

So get your views before Wednesday 05 January 2011.

More information can be found on the Treasury website.



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