Cuts to voluntary sector - what to do?

22 Nov 2010 by Karl Hallam

There are reports of 40% reductions in local authority voluntary and community budgets over the next 4 years. There are lots of similar stories at the moment. This one is from Regeneration and Renewal and was highlighted by the fabulous 'Society daily' email.

Cadence Works are working with organisations who are not just bracing themselves, but are trying to prepare for these kind of cuts. How should they respond? Should they protest? Lobby? Or re-shape themselves to be 'commission-ready'?

While traditional VCF sector support organisations are doing their best to help, it is not easy as many of them are under pressure too. Our experience is that many VCF organisations would like to be commission-ready, but are not necessarily sure what it means and more worryingly the potential commissioners don't know what it means too.

Previously we have said we are in the Big Society optimist camp, but a demoralised 3rd sector is likely to struggle to play the part it need to play.

More bits and bobs here on VCF3rd sector and BS 

If you read the following from the R and R article it does not make easy reading ...

The London Borough of Greenwich anticipates making cuts of 40 per cent to its voluntary sector budget and Gloucester City Council plans to cut its £800,000 voluntary sector budget by 30 per cent over the final three years of the four-year spending review period.
Meanwhile, Sheffield City Council intends to cut its £73 million voluntary sector budget by 15 per cent in the first year of the spending review period, with "further reductions in future years", according to a council spokesman, while the London Borough of Hackney is considering cuts of a third to this budget over the next four years.
In addition, the London Borough of Southwark, which spent £35 million on the voluntary sector in 2010/11, told Regeneration & Renewal last week that it had written to local council-funded voluntary bodies to warn them about reduced funding. It advised them to make cuts of at least 25 per cent over the last three years of the spending review period in line with the council's anticipated 25 per cent reduction across all of its services. 






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