Children's Centres

1 Oct 2010 by Karl Hallam

We have just put a bid in for some work on an interesting Children's Centre. It is thinking hard about what it does and how well it does it and how it can demonstrate its impact. This is not easy, but well worth doing in these uncertain times. It made us think about the mantra of evidence based policy that the previous government came to power with. It always meant two things to us: 1) Is the literal one: let's do things that we can prove will work; 2) We are not ideologically driven one; we are not carelessly spending loads of cash doing this because we are lefty loonies.

When it comes to early years intervention the evidence is clear that getting things right then is crucial to life chances. A good society should prioritise efforts for that reason alone, but there seems to be a need to make it more complicated than that, we want to know our money is being well spent, we are getting best value and so on. The desire for answers to these questions creates endless data, but does it prove anything? Evidence based policy is much easier to use to bring something to a halt, than prove it should be continued, especially when it is to do with something where it can take 20 years to really know if policy has had an impact. For example, health inequalities have persisted in the presence of Sure Start, so can the Comprehensive Spending Review cut funding to them with a clear conscience?

If we are successful, with the bid we will look forward to working with this innovative Centre to make a case for their importance. 


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blocking would not solve the productivity issue<a href=""> nsciesarely</a>; in fact, some ppl may feel oppressed and very negative about it. how about asking your employees to behave themselves first and if things get worse still, implement the block? that's more convincing to seems the notion of being a big company or becoming a big company has really gotten into ck's mind and changed the work atmosphere quite a bit....
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, I think you definitely shdolun't block the websites suddenly without any warning. Let them know about the problem and tell them that you trust them since they're adults and they should know how to behave.My previous company once blocked all these websites one day and all the developers were furious about it since it made us feel like we are kids/prisoners who don't know how to control ourselves. I even thought about quitting just for that reason. It really hurts when you feel that you're not being trusted, especially by the management.I believe all the companies lead by young entrepreneurs like Google and Facebook in the US don't enforce these policies and so there must be a way to make it work... CK should know this better than me :)
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An intellinget point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
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