BIg Society and cuts

5 Nov 2010 by Karl Hallam

We take an optimistic view of the Big Society idea. It is at the stage that people and places might able to shape it the way they want to. There are other who worry that the emergence of BS during a period of huge cuts is more than a little suspicious. 

The news in Sheffield of a 15% cut to the VCF sector emphasises there are grounds to be concerned. This is partly a follow on from the VCF review we were involved in in the city.

The New Economic Foundation (think tank) have published a report that is called "Cutting it The ‘Big Society' and the new austerity". The title and used of the quotes for Big Society (plus a chapter asking why the capitals for BS) suggests they fall into the suspicious camp. This is a pity really as they do makes some useful points about how BS might develop, but there homepage website headline emphasises their concerns: "Spending cuts will break Big Society New report says civil society has an impossible job to do in the age of austerity".

Even with the message this is putting across there are some more omptimistic bits in the report. The sections from the summary on what is good about it? and what are the challenges? (longer than the former) are useful and are below (see VCF worries as exemplified by Sheffield news above):

What's good about it?

There are strong, sensible ideas at the heart of the ‘Big Society' vision, many of them developed and promoted by nef as part of our work to build a sustainable economy. The progressive potential of the ‘Big Society' lies in:



What are the big challenges?

For all its potential, the ‘Big Society' raises a lot of questions, which become more urgent and worrying in the light of public spending cuts. The main challenges are these:






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<a href="">Phnenmoeal</a> breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!
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Frankly I think that's abseoutlly good stuff.

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