Ashes to ashes - Quango bonfire

24 Sep 2010 by Karl Hallam

The fuel for Quango bonfire has been leaked. 177 organisations are to go and surely the Daily Mail will enjoy poking over the dying embers of the soon to be ex-hosts of all those fat cat, faceless, pen pushers. Its a quite amazing A-Z from the Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites to the Zoos Forum, even the weakest satirical quiz show panel member could get a few laughs out of this. It will be interesting to see how the media deal with this story. Will anyone look up the functions of each body and pass judgement as to whether as a country:

  1. we don't need what they did doing anymore?

  2. someone else can do it better for us?

  3. it could be done cheaper?

  4. they never did it anyway?

  5. the Big Society can do it for us?

Cadence Works decided to go through the list and pick out ones we have had contact with (listed below). I cannot say all the interactions were fabulous, but there was certainly a lot of expertise knocking around. Cycling England, NESTA and the MLA have all done some great work and it would be sad to think that work won't happen anymore? Maybe we can look forward to whole section of the Comprehensive Spending Review detailing the method by which this list was devised?

List of Quangos Cadence Works have had contact with at some point during their soon to end lives ... 

 Advisory Panel on Local Innovation Awards

Appointments Commission

Audit Commission

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency

British Waterways

Capacity Builders

Commission for Integrated Transport

Commission for Rural Communities

Commissioner for the Compact

Cycling England

General Teaching Council for England

Government Hospitality Advisory Committee on the Purchase of Wines

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

National Tenant Voice

National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts

Regional Development Agencies (eight bodies)

School Food Trust

Standards Board for England

Sustainable Development Commission




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It's a pleasure to find such rationality in an answer. Weclmoe to the debate.

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