3rd sector mixed messages

10 Feb 2010 by Karl Hallam

The unique skills and community benefits of the third sector must not be overlooked by councils looking to improve local public services, Communities Secretary John Denham said today.

Voluntary organisations and charities are overwhelmed with demand for their services, but funding cuts are making it hard for them to keep up, plan for the future and prove their true worth (Public magazine).

In the same Denham press release he adds:

"In the quest for leaner more efficient services we still need to find ways for councils to take advantage of the positive social outcomes the third sector provides."

The Public article says that:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cuts in the third sector may be even worse than predicted, with some organisations reporting that local authorities are planning to slash their core funding by at least 20% and up to 50%. Meanwhile, pressures on public sector spending are expected to impact on councils contracting out services, which has driven much of the third sector's growth in recent years.

In the Guardian today PwC's Dame Julie Mellor has an article on their work with ippr (that Cadence did some work on last year. Their interesting document is based on polling on the public's interest in getting involved in services. It says:

In the Society section of The Guardian today there is a Public Eye piece that helps make some sense of how the 3rd sector should respond to these mixed messages. It focuses on the need for organisations being able to show what impact they make and how this is even more important at this time. Martin Brookes of New Philanthropy Captial recommends their Little Blue Book to help organisations do just that. Worth a look probably.






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