Youth club report in Guardian and VCF sector

15 Jul 2009 by Karl Hallam

The Clubs for Young People Blueprint for 21st century youth clubs is released this week and gets coverage in the Guardian Society section today. Cadence worked on this project over the last 18 months and while the final version is very much their version, we are pleased it is now out.

The article focuses on the lack of funding for small clubs and points out the new Home Secretary's recent obligatory (for all new Home Secretarys) announcement of a new anti-social behaviour clampdown ... the feature says:

The point about the recession being a real threat is real. Youth and leisure budgets are always top of the list for cuts, which some might say is likley to result in building a bigger (and more expensive) problem for the future.

The government and opposition parties both hope the voluntary, community and faith (VCF) sector can help them tackle the causes of youth crime, but if they think that they will be able to do it cheaper they may be in for a shock. Our work on the VCF review in Sheffield suggests that the relationship between the statutory and voluntary sector is at a delicate stage and much of the tension is around understanding the role of grants and contracts. Or as Julia Unwin puts it getting the right blend og shopping, investing and giving (from The grantmaking tango).






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I didn't know extrac
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I didn't know extracurricular acettiviis were mandatory! I would be bored to hell if I had to stay for another hour and a half. I was prefect starting P4, but it was kinda stupid telling other kids not to run and keeping the noise down...blah.

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