Tired of Hanging Around?

28 Jan 2009 by Sophy Hallam

The Audit Commission has just launched its report on positive activities for young people. It highlights the fact that investing in positive things for young people to do is good for young people, their communities and the public purse strings too: £50k invested in providing positive activities for a young person can save £200k costs involved in dealing with them through the criminal justice system.


The report illustrates the issue that Cadence repeatedly runs up against in our consultation work: behaviour that adults are liable to interpret as ‘anti-social’ – classically groups of young people ‘hanging out’ on street corners or in local parks - young people see differently. For them street corners and the local park offer cheap places close to home where they can get together with their friends. For many of them hanging out in groups is part of the appeal as they are looking to keep safe on the streets.


The report calls for local authorities to challenge community views about anti social behaviour and its solutions and to develop a better evidence base for what works and what doesn’t in terms of projects engaging with youth workers. Something we welcome and will be exploring further in the Blueprint for club based youth work to be published by Clubs for Young people in the Spring.



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