Reward communities for being efficient?

23 Nov 2009 by Karl Hallam

An idea for sharing savings with community groups caught our eye recently. This comes from the current government and is based on some thinking done by the Young Foundation. The Guardian claims it is part of a move by the Labour party to 'reclaim community and voluntary movements as its territory'.

The article adds:

A community dividend would see voluntary groups rewarded for social entrepreneurialism. The authors write: "If, for example, a community cuts their estate's prescription drugs bill by half, it would be entitled to keep half of the consequent saving while the state retains the other half. This could be allocated either as direct financial reward to households, or as credits towards buying other public assets like playground equipment."

The question of the role of the voluntary, community and faith sectors under a new government is interesting. Many oppositions take a different view of devolution (to the VCF sector or town halls) when they get their hands on the levers of power (although the quote often attributed to Tony Benn 'I waited 15 years to get my hands on the levers of power and when did, I found they were not attached to anything'). On this issue; Cadence presented our hoodie, goodie, buddy project to a detached youth workers conference recently and when we asked how many of them worked in the non-statutory it was a only a handful ... is the intention that this changes under the next goverment? Should statutory youth provision providers be worried?







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