New Innovation Council - innovative?

18 May 2009 by Karl Hallam

The Government has announced the creation of an Innovators Council,which aims to 'fast-track ideas generated by frontline staff and citizens to deliver better and more efficient services'. Sounds like a good idea, but some might ask whether it is a bit ironic that the arbiters of front-line innovation will be a group of high level executives?

Cadence would suggest that is a bit cynical and that we should welcome Minister for the Cabinet Office Liam Byrne saying things that many have been calling for over a number of years now:

'Public services have been transformed over the last 10 years - crime is down 40%, waiting lists are at an all-time low and school results are at an all-time high. But change in the years to come has to be driven by frontline staff - not ordered from the top. My view is very simple: frontline staff doing the job day in and day out will often see clearest what needs to change. I want those ideas put to the top tables in Whitehall without delay'.

An interesting piece of work would be to research the individuals on the new Council to look at their track record on introducing front-line and user led innovations; not just the strategies of their orgnisations, real changes.

The public are being asked to submit their ideas by e-mail, post or online at If the council approves an idea it will recruit relevant experts to look at ways of developing and improving it, then monitor the situation to see that the plan maintains momentum and make sure it gets implemented on the frontline.

We will keep an eye on developments as part of our ongoing innovation work, including recent work for the Whitehall Innovation Hub on place-based innovation.




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Re: New Innovation Council - innovative?
Reply #1 on : Mon May 18, 2009, 17:22:49
Great! First project? Lets see an MIS for parliament: auditing timesheets and expenses for starters. Get them all clocking in and clocking off.

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