Investment in youth provision and recession

24 May 2009 by Karl Hallam

Just before Gordon Brown became Prime Minister he announced plans for a youth centre in every neighbourhood. This became a centre in every constituency and now it looks like it has changed again with an announcement on the myplace fund.

They say 'In contrast to earlier funding rounds, and in the light of the limited funding available, eligibility for Round 2 will be restricted to projects located in the one third most deprived areas of England. Of those areas that have already had a previous myplace award, only those with large youth populations will be eligible to put forward additional projects'.

This will be a disappointment to many in the sector, as well as being noteworthy for the acknowledgement that this is about 'limited funding'. Cadence's work on the VCF sector in Sheffield will need to reflect the inevitably of 'limited funding' being an ongoing issue for many years to come. Our research on public service innovation will come in handy and hopefully we can apply some of the learning.


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