Hoodie, goodie, buddy filming

1 Sep 2009 by Karl Hallam

Cadence's Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded Hoodie, goodie, buddy project included an innovative strand looking at perceptions of young people's behaviour depending on travel mode. If three kids in hoodies are messing about on a bench and someone drives past do they suspect anti-social behaviour? If they are on a bus and it stops near the bench do they wonder what's going on? Does a cyclist hear them messing about on the topic of exam results and a pedestrian even recognise one of them as a neighbour's son/daughter?

The challenge was to find a film company who could convincingly shoot such a scenario, so that we would show it to people and see what they think for 4 different clips of the kids messing about a bit from the different perspectives. The filming has been done and is being edited now. As soon as it is ready we will look to using it as part of the research, including showing it to delegates of a detached youth workers conference in November.

Other aspects of the research are ongoing too, incuding recruitment of a researcher to work with us and colleagues at Sheffield and Surrey universities.


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