Hoodie, goodie, buddy - Broken Society

9 Oct 2009 by Karl Hallam

Cadence's Hoodie, goodie, project, funded by JRF is investigating how people's perceptions of other people's behaviour in their neighbourhood is or is not influenced by the way they tend to move around. Do car drivers catch a glimpse of youths hanging about and jump to the conclusion that they are seeing ASBO-desrving behaviour? Do people who mainly walk feel more threatened or less through closer contact? Has Brtiain's society partly become 'broken' because of the growth in car use and ownership and the fact that people don't meet their neighbours walking down the street, at the bus  stop and while watching thier kids play on the road?

Obviously there are other factors at play, but when David Cameron talks about a 'culture of irresponsibility' could we all end up seeing our abandonment of the pavements for car seats as irresponsible?

The project is based in Sheffield and is using a range of innovative research methods including bio-mapping and video.





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