Fancy a Danish? Cycling leaders

3 Dec 2009 by Karl Hallam

Copenhagen is good place to meet to talk about climate change. It is a city full of healthy stylish looking people riding around on bikes ... or rather blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize would have you believe that is the case.

Denmark has been the place cycle campigners in the UK have looked to for inspiration for in recent decades. When Sustrans started with the safe routes to schools project it was inspired by the Danish government's 1970s response to a poor child road safety record. (For more see Cadence's case study for the National School of Government innovation on this topic.)

Recently things have not been looking quite so impressive in Denmark. Cycling is booming in the cities, but the number of children cycling to school is reported to be decreasing away from the big urban areas. The Copenhagenize site reported recently that:

While Cadence are interested in the safety element, it is the other differences between places where there is street activity or not that intrigue us. Hoodie, goodie, buddy looks partly at whether there is a link between overall trust between residents and transport mode choice.

Hopefully the world leaders in Copenhagen will get a glimpse of the city's bike culture and reflect that low carbon does not necessarily mean lower quality of life.








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