Emotion mapping - Sharrow school

25 Oct 2009 by Karl Hallam

This week saw our first emotion mapping workshop for the Hoodie, goodie, buddy project. It was fanatastic! Incredibly interesting and thought provoking. We are trying to take it all in and will provide info to participants soon and then give some feedback here on the website and the blog.

One interesting thing was how people responded to the new Sharrow school - a fab building and obviously uplifting to everyone who sees it.

More soon.

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sharrow school
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WOW, really interesting...I was the architect for the sharrow school and it sgreat to hear that it incites a positive reaction to people who experience it, if only from outside. I wonder what responses you would get from going inside?

I am working with young people on a new My Place building down the road from the school in Lowfield open space and read your Hoodie, goodie, buddy piece with interest. Great work.

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