Consultation in the 21st century

5 May 2009 by Karl Hallam

Cadence are working on a review of Sheffield’s Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector Infrastructure. It is an interesting and important piece of work that involves consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. We are doing a questionnaire, focus groups and one-to-ones and also have a blog where people can see what is going on, have their say and even take part in discussions about arising issues.

Some people will want to print out a questionnaire and fill it in in ink and post it to us, others will fill it in on screen and email us. Either is fine with us, as long as people feel they have had an opportunity to take part.

Modern day technology offers all sorts of options for communication, but to us the main feature of a 21st century consultation is that it offers choice in the way people tell us what they think is good, could be better or most excitingly how it could be better?

We are looking forward to seeing what comes up and how the VCF sector in Sheffield can play its part in making the City an even better place to live.


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